Linux vs. Windows: Which is a better Web host?

Prior going with any of the hosting option, it is important to understand that web hosting has nothing to do with the operating system of a device. Many people have the mindset that they need to go with the Windows hosting their system operates through the Windows platform.

In fact, your hosting is more dependent upon the coding language, the tools you used, your site’s usage, etc.

linux vs windows hosting

Linux Web hosting or Windows: Which you should go with?

Linux is traditionally known to be a favoured option for the techies. Well. Blindly going with the traditional ways is never recommended. There are two main hosting providers they provide best linux shared hostings: HostGator and Bluehost. For HostGator you can use online HostGator coupon codes and save money on buying hosting plans. If your site is based on PHP, or My Sql, then Linux certainly is a better option to go with. On the other hand, if the tools you use are comparatively Microsoft friendly, then Windows is a good choice.

The sites are getting increasingly intuitive day by day. If the case is something similar with you as well, or if it is an ecommerce kind of site, then Linux hosting is frequently suggested, as it can be beneficial commercially in comparison. On the other hand, if the site is more often search based then, Windows is a good option.

The following are the advantages of using Linux based web server compared to Windows based web server:


If consistency in performance or up-time is your top most priority, then undoubtedly Linux is a good recommendation to go with. However, you must have a certain level of exposure about the other factors like network load, power supply, etc to keep it up with the performance.

Costs involved:

Linux platform is almost free, and in addition, it offers terrific server, and desktop tools those are free with it as well.

Flexibility in terms of usage:

HostGator Linux hosting plan is a favoured server option to host your site. In fact, it is more exciting to see that entire Linux web servers these days are available with integrated Front page extension. This makes hosting on Linux platform even easier and sleeker. Linux offers you with the flexibility of going with entire kinds of file extensions.

You can shift through easily:

You make a site to be made functional with Linux web server can be easily hosted with a Windows server as well. However, Windows doesn’t offer you with this kind of elasticity.

Frequently used:

Linux web hosting is a preferred option for the coders, or developers, and Windows is a suitable option if you are comparatively a newbie.


Most of the sites we witness initially come with three or our html pages, and gradually stretch in accordance with the user demand. It is also a common practice for the developers to design the sites in a similar fashion. In such cases making the site compatible with Linux server can make you more satisfied. On HostGator linux hosting you will get all linux supported apps like LAMP, read Besthostgatorcouponcode blog for full HostGator hosting details. The best part is that you don’t really have to bring much tweaks in terms of design.


However, Microsoft being one of the most widely used platforms, and Linux not being absolutely attuned with its technologies, in case when you want to go with any Microsoft focused application for your site, or while development, then Windows hosting should be your option.

How do you find the best Web Host Plan?

Finding a web hosting plan is not easy, especially for the newbies in the sector. It’s not a rocket science, but still having who would guide through choosing a web hosting company and plan is always much appreciated. There are plenty of factors to choose from, like how much bandwidth would be enough for a recipe blog like Bluehost Hosting, or maybe what should be the storage space amount for a photo blog – are you feeling confused already? Don’t feel shy if you do because it’s very natural. We feel your hesitation and brought you a brief guide on choosing the best web hosting plan for a kick start.

web hosting

Figure Out Your Needs

Before you begin, you should sort out what you exactly want from a web hosting service. The judgment factors should be – the type of your website, whether or not the website needs Windows software and apps, whether any special code or script requires running on your website and if your website requires any sort of special software. Don’t forget the estimated incoming traffic as well; helps you determine the required bandwidth.

Once you are all set, make a list and start cross matching the list with different web host company’s offers and plans.

Check Server Uptime Reputation

Good web hosting companies would always take care of the maximum server uptime. Time is money and every concerned would know that better; hence it’s important to verify if they are reputed of having a satisfactory server uptime. Human error and malfunctions occur so 100% uptime is technically impossible, but something above 98% is highly possible and you should go for one of those.

Can you add domains later?

Domain names are important – that’s the basic identity for your website. However, if your website grows in the future, you might just require adding few more domain names to your hosting. A good web hosting company would allow adding multiple domain names without much hassle – there should only be an adjustment in payment but you can always use Bluehost coupon codes for that. Basically the number is 25 per hosting subscriptions so keep the standard this high.

Upgrade Options

Almost everyone starts up with a less expensive shared hosting plan and eventually takes higher priced packages with rising demand. Your website would probably take the same path so check before purchasing a plan if they offer easy upgrade options.

Price and Renewal Offers

For a shared hosting, around $10/month is acceptable. In this Bluehost hosting is best because they offer the hosting for $3.49 after using Bluehost coupon codes. The pricing should stay around this amount – not too less, not too much. However, for long haul subscribers there’s supposed to be attractive package renewal offers. Check if the company offers convenient renewal offers so that you get a concession every time you go through a renewal checking out.

How friendly is the refund policy?

To know whether a web hosting service is truly user friendly, check their refund policy. Upon asking a refund you are kind of asking to give up on the hosting company; and if their terms and conditions start going all rough and tough on you then you probably have chosen the wrong company to start up with.

eCommerce and WordPress Integrations

Both these types of websites are currently occupying the web. eCommerce websites are one growing type of economy and WordPress is the most popular website building platform nowadays. If your web hosting company doesn’t even offer these feature, how do you expect them to help you in your further endeavors?


These were the key points you need to verify before purchasing a web hosting plan. To know more, try interviewing an existing user of the company’s user and check how many people stop using that specific company’s service every month or year. You judge the figures and the rest is easy.

Should I resell my VPS hosting?

VPS and reselling

The transition from a shared server to a VPS hosting can be a huge step for anyone. With the added space, total control, great uptime and excellent support, you need to plan in detail to get the most out of your hosting plan. This presents a lot of opportunities in respect to using the rented or bought hosting space. While most companies employ it for their own private needs, there are quite a few out there who resell VPS hosting as a measure of additional income. While this has advantages and disadvantages of its own, the bottom line is the added economic advantage associated with it. Therefore, it is in this background that we need to approach the reselling question of VPS hosting.

The right control panel:

To get the most out of your premium VPS hosting plan, you need to install a control panel. Some plans come with a default control panel while others allow you to install one of your choice. CPanel and Plesk are two of the most popular control panels available today. They are well equipped to allow total control over the hosting plan without causing any problems. They are easy to use and allow you to monitor all activities on the hosted space.

If you are planning to resell or rent out part of your VPS hosted space, you will need a decent control panel to help you with it. The space thus resold can be used for a variety of functions.

Test servers:

Most people use such rented space to use as test servers for new applications, software and websites. This is a very important strategy for companies as they do not want to mess up their existing website by testing new applications on them. Not to mention the considerable risks associated with it. This is where companies can make the best out of reselling VPS plans. There are bound to be takers, no matter how much space you are offering to resell. Some control panels allow installation of different operating systems in different servers allowing them to test applications on multiple platforms.


The main takers for resold VPS hosted server space is companies that need server to host their websites. This offers a perfect sandbox technology wherein the new website or service is completely independent of the parent company and hence any negative publicity associated with it will not be traced back to the parent company. It also allows independent server options for different website, thus minimizing clutter.

Reselling- a viable option

Before you offer VPS web space for reselling, you need to slice up your space from your control panel. After making the segmentation, you can decide what sort of control you want to allow the users. Based on the freedom you provide, users might be willing to take more space and pay more. Although reselling your VPS hosting service is not always the only option, this can be an economically viable option if you some space to share.

Basic Guide: What is Reseller Hosting?

Web hosting is of absolute necessary when it comes to make a presence of your website. But, many companies opt to go for reseller hosting. Before we go into details, we’d like to introduce the basics of a reseller web hosting company.

reseller hostings

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

In a reseller web hosting company, the real web hosts sell their hosting plan in a bulk business module so that the many reseller websites can allocate the hosting plans according to their requirement. The reseller hosting companies take care of each of their individual clients whereas the real hosting companies only take care of the web hosting plans and their servers. Therefore, we can easily understand reseller web hosting companies doesn’t require paying a great deal of server costs to run their hosting plans and they can still benefit themselves through their share of individual clients.

According to a lot of customers, we’ve seen that reseller websites can be both good and bad depending on their reputation and available plans. The customers need to research a little bit to get a clear understanding of their requirement and what are the benefits that a reseller web hosting company is providing.

Why you should choose reseller hosting?

There are a lot of new companies that are emerging through the market with a little requirement of their new and simple websites. They can’t make a big budget for their website and therefore can easily pick a reseller hosting plan for their website. These hosting support webhosting coupons which help to save huge bucks. Reseller web hosting providers are best for simple web hosting requirements and they can also provide personal assistance in website building. But, in case, if you require large amount of data to be processed on your website, then, you might need to contact with a parent hosting company.

Advantages of Reseller Web Hosting Services

  • Less Expense

Reseller web hosting plans are definitely cheaper than the dedicated hosting plans but they are really enriched with features for moderate users. In the reasonable costs, you can get greater performance.

  • More Features

Reseller web hosting services tend to provide more features compared to a shared web hosting service. Plus, they are really helpful in terms of customer service.

  • More Control

In shared hosting plans, major controls are conducted by the services while the clients get a very limited control over their hosting except for a few hosting services. But, in a reseller web hosting service, clients can get close to dedicated hosting control panel and lots of extra features as well.

How to Get a Suitable Reseller Web Hosting Plan?

Before you jump onto any plan, we’d recommend you to go through a few steps to pick the best hosting plan suited for your company and website. First, you’ve to research a little bit to find a reseller web hosting service and try to get their reputation and reviews. Always use coupons while choosing hosting. After you’ve got that, try to locate their exact plan to choose for your website. Always try to get hold of a higher package that you need and it can make sure your future requirement is covered as well.

In case of reseller web hosting, clients don’t require extensive knowledge over their hosting but still they have viable control over their plans as well.